The 21st century Sanguozhi story.

I hope that it's repeated and history is called.
Only for the person who embodied man, it's said that a lesson doesn't live.
Now's world is China, USA and a Russian one.
It's apparent to stand up on three large countries of power balance.
There is time when the world conquest was planned at 1:00 in Japanese country and Japan.
The descendants who still belonged to the Imperial Rule Assistance Association take the liking like this national power.
The place where the view going to survive is patriotism surely and, I changed, there are no other ones.
Once having the one as power in the hand, that I wouldn't like to leave any more, instinctively.
It may be the one which is natural reason.
But its compensation influences civilized fate deeply.
Moe YURU pen! The idea of the ultimate I find which is so?
From fragility of the history of repeated power.
It's in building of the world got over.
The 21st century is the great navigation era from 500 years before (When it's judged from an Anglo-saxon.)
I'm thinking the thing on the prolongation should be kept in a liver deeply.
A lesson of history isn't utilized, but the continuity which has no evolution hourly is being repeated.
It may be the one by which Mr. Putin is a rare politician. I'm reigning over the Russian top for a long time from KGB. You can be reelected by this year's presidential election and be here by a president for six years more. There may be also extension by a change in a constitution.
It's the design which is being planned so that near Shuuhei can be here at the top eternally but it would be so.
I have the idea that Mr. cards leaned, too, but this may also be reelected.
Mr. Japanese Abe dies in three years more, but Japanese should consider after it seriously.
It may be short and dismiss per next year.
When considering today by the angle as the civilized fate, it isn't twisted by immediate information.
I'd like to see the skill carefully freely.




Japanese Government of the Rehm Duck state.

Mr.Trump are Israeli Jerusalemite metropolitan declaration and embassy move.
It's commented upon by all over the world.
On the other hand Japan cuts down criticism and avoids a comment.
Will courtesan-ization to USA also be continued now?
I oppose by a nuclear weapon prohibited treaty and.
The Japanese Government now falls into Rehm Duck certainly.
It may be unskillful suspicion, by Kissinger strategy of Donald Trump
From North Korean NPT re-joining and nuclear development freeze (nuclear approval) armistice, the end of the war.
And to suggest North Korean establishment of diplomatic relations and peace and friendship treaty with the United States.
Anyway make make Mideast situation more unstable.
You can also believe to make them point importance of a complex made in an army.
At Korean Peninsula which seems whether became stable even if it was so.
Because anxiety in a psychological military face doesn't disappear in Korea and Japan.
I'm thinking I'd become a victim of an American security business.
In other words, I have no choice but to continue weapon supply from USA.
President Donald Trump is the staunch businessman style which has repeated bankruptcy and revival.
They seem to be showing the ability by the White House and a salesman.
I'm thinking it's dashed against a wall by and by.
An idea of President Donald Trump's own country priority is understood.
To the extent it's done when trying to win that.
It's visible that the United States becomes the situation that I can't help getting off from the center stage of the world.
After Mr. Abe who would like to cling to him and maintain political power pulls and considers one step.
When not making the politics careful, Japan will be serious.
It may be the one by which that's the Japanese national crisis now.













A seat guess of a general election and a flow of a wind before an official announcement are read and untied.

After it's made public, there are restrictions variously, so at the front.
The expectation acquisition number of seats of each party will be predicted.
There is also a remark to which a specialist and a commentator are incomprehensible.
We, a voter wavers, doesn't he?
It's good and bad and which coterie doesn't say here?
A flow of social conditions and the time, while feeling, it's a prediction.
Further because poll of the mass media can be also opinion operation.
I'll see calmly.
By last year's race for Federal office.
MOYURUPEN which predicted a victory of Mr. cards before half year.
Now, what happens to this prediction? I'll see.........

Mr. Abe enforced the beginning dismissal of the Diet on September 25.
It was something which has no loyalty at all.
Because each opposition party had lack of preparations and a sense of bewilderment certainly.
The opening, I arrive, and, it would be dismissal.
Mr. Maehara becomes representation up to that for Susumu party of people.
An escape is knocked down sound from self-official political power, and disappears.
It was the shape as "party of a request" and the joining that a new party was started via Mr. Ozawa's agency.
The ideology of Mr. Koike and Susumu coterie of people is just different.
It can be said that the person's choice from which a way of thinking is different is all right.
That old Democratic Party of Japan took the reins of government which aren't decided?
It's because it became mixed in thinking way.
From common people's eye, there would be a lot of people who think uneasiness couldn't be denied.
However, Mr. Maehara the way of thinking is also near declares dissolution of Susumu party of people on Mr. Koike.
I made you a written promise to a coterie of a request as well as Mr. Koike.
Anyway the spirit which overthrows Abe government was felt and was also transmitted through the degree of seriousness.
Can I say each opposition party and some meaning that Abe government is overthrown and partial volunteer union?
Mr. Edano of a liberal party will be later, and starts "constitutionalism Democratic Party of Japan".
Mr. Koike seems to raise three cities of declaration with a meeting of restoration and cooperate.
Even if the one which is a problem is whether Koike Governor of Tokyo runs, but report of a television is seen.
A rasp as which further down isn't seen was here everywhere.
Is there surprise until an official announcement on the 10th?
It's a question whether coterie's leader nomination of a request is done to be slack at each district, it's being taken out.
A problem is order as a result of the election and isn't it ordinary to decide?
Even if a leader nomination object is flattered by force.
MIt's a question whether coterie's leader nomination of a request is done to be slack at each district, it's being taken out.
A problem is order as a result of the election and isn't it ordinary to decide?
Even if a leader nomination object is flattered by force.
Mr. Koike will know the fact which becomes a suitable victim of a rival political party.
The running is denied, but I'm the person from whom the consent by which a successor is a Tokyoite goes.
It's thought that I'd make up my mind and go out to a general election.
Because a negative campaign of media is a basis during an election period.
It would be better not to be confused so much.
The voting rate of each party at a proportional representation constituency is reported as poll.
There is a coterie who supports it every media, so the objective point of view is needed.
A voter is judging as irresponsible dismissal, in particular, Moritomo Kake school problem.
If self-publicity will be the current state political power maintenance, it can be said that the prospect it'll be without interference is big for the problem.
If a coterie of Koike request got the initiative and took office.
It's thought that a deliberation carried without exception becomes possible.
To start a new party, it's easy, for, it isn't possible.
Because criticism and an objection to Mr. Koike would continue hourly, but the voter isn't stupid, either.
I wouldn't worry so.
Good sense as voter's Japanese is believed personally and.
I have no choice but to follow a referee.
A prejudice seems to call many opposite votes becoming chronic and a dogma for LDP.
It has been put in LDP up to now.
The flow I say to the other party can also predict LDP and proportion in a constituency by the meaning as the punishment.
It doesn't possibly fall below the independent majority, and also.
It would be better to determine on 100 seat decrease.
The Komeito has an original identity.
It's the remonstrance role of LDP.
It may be the one which is that it's all right to be overcome.
I have just called whether the seat is slightly less maintenance of the status quo.
A coterie of a request is an eye of a typhoon of this election.
All together, a presence of Mr. Koike's running isn't certain.
The establishment for which I run is 10%. The acquisition number of seats will be 150-200.
It would change with a presence of Mr. Koike's running.
Constitutionalism Democratic Party of Japan is a group by the liberal councilor who doesn't want to go to a party of a request no matter what.
I don't come before I take office. It would be the very determinative number of seats.
When it'll be like the Communist Party, it seems.
A meeting of restoration is the same stance as Mr. Koike, but there is also a different place.
It's thought that it'll be the number of seats as much as Kimiaki and the constitutionalism.
Communist Party and constitutionalism Democratic Party of Japan are a similar stance, but the region of the follower doesn't seem to go out.
If Aramasa right is done, they can cooperate by the policy matters.





"Current in the age and the future character"

A person in the lead-like viewpoint in the time (key man) exists certainly in a world in everytime.
How is it in the time current as of now? Who on earth applies to that?
Does Mr. Donald Trump kill, and agree with a key man in the time now?
When making the conditions, that would be possible. With its condition?
A theme by which only USA benefits in Make America Great Again doesn't apply.
When I try to carry a selfish style as an American first baseman through.
SERARU NO is open to simultaneous criticism from the world, and a natural thing.
Because American leaders, with PAKKUSUAMERIKA-NA (military power principle).
The world order by a pre Ton Wood system is built and mentioned after the war.
It's because it was trusted in from the world.
But since it's put in the Cuban Crisis.
A doctor (Guevara) and a lawyer (Castro) stand up and drive a pro-government in the US.
Since I made a revolution succeed, the power of USA was being descended.
USA "builds the world without stones" while having the overwhelming military power.
But truth is reverse idea and that's impossible realistically.
It was only a lie of Mr. OBAMA.
Mr. OBAMA is a lowest president after the war.
Mr. cards are the one such as postwar end presidents.
I think I get a mark.
It's impossible to be able to abolish a stone by the world order current as of now.
Only a permanent member of the Security Council can admit nuclear possession, and anything but that isn't permitted.
The thing considered now admits nuclearization in North Korea by the end of 2017.
U.S.-North Korea establishment of diplomatic relations and U.S.-North Korea peaceful friendship conclusion.
And signing in the end of the war is done from an armistice in Korean Peninsula.
The country in possession which makes NPT join North Korea and is a stone.
It's to establish tying which devotes itself to nuclear peaceful utilization of Mr. positive kindness.
Negotiations should be done for realization within the year under the surface of the water now.
Mr. positive kindness who says by media finds out that the launch is impossible.
In Japan where I'm fanned into USA and go against a flow in the time
A military disposition of Aegis and ASHOA can't help be done.
A distrust to Abe political power would also recur.
There is true meaning of cards in smooth related building with North Korea, China and Russia.
Japan would be able to press for diplomacy outside the mosquito net from now on.
A sentence president is strengthening dialogue cooperation with the north in Korea.
The future eternity doesn't disappear by the diplomacy now for furious antipathy to an old relation of the Japanese military.
The secret treaty by which Mr. Putin is Yalta (The four northern islands are ruled.)
It's here to be just protecting and get a president job until 2024 honestly.
There would be no concluded abdomens for a peace pact of Japan and Russia.
Mr. shuu Chinahira seems to aim at regression of a former dynasty by the whole plan directly.
Politics by the Communist Party party dictatorship is limited.
When it's reborn by democratization, there is a possibility that I get away in the country where the world is led.
Even if economy expands, since getting away, the hearts of the people don't come to talk.
It's said that an approval rate descends Mr. cards.
There was no intention which becomes a president from the beginning as him.
I defeat OBAMA and Hillary. The purpose is a fulfilled reason by an inauguration.
Only the weak point is exposed by Masaji to him who is an amateur.
Mr. Kissinger tries to use that for a diplomatic strategy well.
In other words, make advance it by the shape that I'm desperate and call North Korea and USA a peace pact conclusion.
You assume that it's to lose Far Eastern military unstableness.
U.S.-North Korea will be that I'm carrying on negotiations under the surface of the water.
Without Mr. cards' waiting for tenure of office, a possibility that I abdicate the throne to a penny vice-president is high.
Even if it's seen, how ordinary isn't the situation of the White House now?
Japan is impossible under Mr. regression of Imperial Headquarters and American subordination-oriented Abe.
The leader it'll be next gets the suitable interval with five UN permanent directors.
Japan, with the insistence reasonable appropriate for a personal independent country.
To behave oneself should assume serious proportions.
The time now is 50 years later, 100 years later and 1000 years later.
To imagine how to be drawn?
When a war, discrimination and the financial differential are thought to be peaceful.
I'm certain that it'll be something valuable.